Leave Logistics to the Professionals

You concentrate on your
business strategy,

while we handle logistics

Konnexus is the perfect match for fast-developing UK companies who don’t want to finance and operate their own fulfillment service but require a quick, affordable, and reliable logistics solution. Make sure your customers receive first-class service! Third-party fulfilment services are more than just picking and packing orders. It is about trusting another company with the most crucial part of the delivery process.

No complicated requirements

with Konnexus –
you pay as you go

Other 3PL companies set minimum inventory requirements, but Konnexus grows along with your business. We offer a flexible model where you can ship us any amount of items starting from a single unit, and up to your entire inventory. Scale up and down according to your company needs, and pay only for storage support you actually use and pick and pack fulfilment services for orders that are already shipped.

Forget redirecting – we
fulfil orders straight

from your website or any other channel

Konnexus provides a multi-channel fulfillment service. This means that we take care of all logistics after receiving customer orders directly from your own website or other 3PL companies. Once your customers pass the payment gateway, it takes only a few seconds for our fulfillment centre to process the orders and update the stock records across all your channels. Save time to focus on your other business needs!

Konnexus 3PL Services

More Than Just Another Subcontractor

Rest assured that we take our role in your business very seriously. Hiring Konnexus, you get a lot more than just packing and shipping services. You get a trusted, reliable, responsible business partner interested in seeing your company grow and prosper at an accelerated pace. Unlike other third-party packaging companies, we have developed a fully integrated Warehouse Management System available to you 24/7.

This unique B2B platform allows you to view your activities in real time through the convenient, user-friendly online portal. Manage all aspects of your business, including placing supplier orders, updating products, placing stock orders, inventory management, and creating various kinds of reports. All you need is Internet access! No matter where you are or what time of day it is, log in and check your recent operations and data, which is updated constantly.

pick and pack services

Our main goal is to provide your customers with impeccable service exceeding your highest expectations. At Konnexus, we know that happy customers come back for more, bringing you more profit and helping your company grow.

Konnexus Order Fulfillment Cycle










Order placed











What We Do

We receive

Your products arrive at our pick and pack warehouse in the UK straight from your suppliers. We double check your Pre Advice and Supplier Purchase Order for any discrepancies. After that our experts check the goods for damage.

We put away

Using our 3PL warehouse doesn’t mean you lose control over your goods. Konnexus Integrated Systems update all your seller channels with the increase in stock. There is never a gap of more than 48 hours between the receipt and storage.

We get your orders

Integrated sales orders are generated on your website or other sales channel like Amazon or eBay. Once they pass the payment gateway, they are immediately ready to be processed by Konnexus systems. After that, our specialists can proceed to order picking and packing.

We pick

Our team checks the product ID, locate it in the warehouse, and picks it up from the shelf. Then your goods undergo final quality checks. All orders received before 3 p.m. are dispatched the same day.

We pack

Our pick and pack services include packaging according to your own and your seller channel specifications. Parcels are then dispatched using the delivery method selected during the checkout process.

We deliver

Your customers are automatically notified when the parcel leaves our warehouse. So are you. All information instantly shows on your client portal, where you can track the delivery anywhere in the UK.

Example Pricing for Standard Fulfillment

Order volume

First Orders

full pick price

Per Full Pick

additional pick price

Per Additional Pick

1 to 50



51 to 250



251 to 2500



2501 to 5000



5001 to 10000



10001 to 15000



15001 to 20000



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