Fulfillment by Amazon Pre Prep and Readiness

Why Choose FBA Inspection Services from Konnexus?

FBA allows vendors not to worry about logistics leaving them free to focus more on other aspects of their business. However, every merchant who wants to use Amazon’s eCommerce service must meet FBA requirements. If they fail to prepare their products appropriately, they risk to spend a lot on Amazon penalties, refunds and even ruining their reputation. That’s where Konnexus, an FBA prep company, comes in. We prevent negative outcomes like these by inspecting your products and conducting labelling, bundling, and other services. This will save your time, eliminate the risk of sending misrepresented or faulty products to Amazon, and keep your customers satisfied.

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FBA Readiness Inspection

  • You get products from your suppliers.
  • You get your products shipped to our prep centre.
  • You provide us with your FBA shipment information.
  • We pack your items and send them to FBA.
  • We provide product inspection, damage reporting.
  • We pack, label, wrap, bag and customize.
  • We verify.
  • We organize collection, label and dispatch to Amazon FBA.

Konnexus accepts any products from the UK and overseas as long as they meet all Amazon requirements, and they are legal and not hazardous. Keep in mind that merchants are responsible for all taxes, tariffs and any other expenses related to getting their products to our warehouse. Also, don’t forget to list us as a third-party delivery point with your freight forwarder.

We Do the Work

1. Receive shipment
2. Unpack and document content
3. Inspect for damage &
4. Label
5. Verify listing
6. Repack to meet FBA requirements
7. Dispatch to Amazon
Konnexus FBA prep services are perfect for Amazon FBA merchants of all kinds,
large and small, domestic and international

Konnexus saves you time and money by eliminating expenses for renting a warehouse / storage / office, buying packing materials, paying for utilities and other logistics related needs. When using our FBA preparation services, you pay for what you want and when you need it enabling that extra capital to be spent on new products, marketing or sales. You won’t have to worry about packing and handling your goods again. The only thing needed is to send us your products, pack list, and labels. Our team will do the rest, leaving you more time to focus on growing your business and enjoying your life.

Because Konnexus is also a fulfillment centre, we can provide long-term storage for all your products. We also provide a full range of inspection, fulfillment and channel integration services to suit every way you want to sell online.

Konnexus Amazon FBA Services

Prep Services

You book your supplier’s order on our live warehouse management system (Konnex) and ship it to our Amazon prep centre.

We receive your shipment, unpack and inspect for quantity and damage including the condition of the item and cartons.

We raise quarantines on Konnex including photos for any discrepant or damaged items, and Konnex automatically email you for corrective action.

We can apply an Amazon specific ASIN barcode label number to your products.

We will verify the barcode ASIN against Amazon listing pages.

When all items have been received, we generate a shipping order and arrange the courier for shipping to Amazon FBA.

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Forwarding Only

If you are shipping from overseas, you shouldn’t send a shipment directly to Amazon without knowing whether your products prepared correctly. If you consistently ship incorrectly packaged or damaged items to Amazon, they will return it to you (at your cost). It may also result in customers’ complaints and negative feedback. In the end, this may hurt your business and even lead to closure of your account.

If your products don’t require any prep work and only need to be sent to Amazon,
we offer the following shipment services:
Shipment Forward Original Item and Carton
  • Removal of all barcodes and shipping labels and placement of Amazon shipment labels.
  • Shipment of cartons to Amazon.
Shipment Forward Repack

Re-packaging or consolidation (no prep required) for shipping cartons to Amazon.

**UPS (Prepaid shipping labels supplied by an FBA seller)

Amazon Returns

Use Konnexus FBA сentre as your product return address for UK and overseas clients selling on Amazon UK.

Note that overseas sellers who want to offer their products on international Amazon sites MUST have a return address based in that country.

Amazon will then handle all customer returns and refunds.

Returns shipped to us will go through FBA inspection to determine whether the return qualifies for resale. Then you decide on disposal or a re-package and send it back to FBA. Standard prep fees and labeling apply for this service.

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Benefits of Amazon FBA preparation service?

Amazon is one of the largest Internet stores in the world.

Their resources allow them to spend astonishing amounts of money on advertising and other related activities. The number of daily visitors is enormous. Sellers can generate an unbelievable inflow of customers simply by placing their products on the website’s pages.

However, this approach can create problems due to the strict requirements of fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). There is a strict policy for all orders handled by Amazon: if they do not comply with the rules, they will not be processed. Even worse, your company might get charged for violating certain rules. A simple way to prevent such a situation is to outsource FBA inventory management.

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FBA preparation by Konnexus

Konnexus offers Amazon prep service along with FBA inventory management.
We take care of all the issues that a vendor may encounter during the entire delivery process. Amazon FBA prep service includes:

  • inspection of products and packages,
  • processing of goods before dispatching them to Amazon.

Consider every order completed the moment it is placed. Konnexus FBA inventory management helps our clients to keep information about their stock uptodate. This approach guarantees your customers will not order goods that are not currently available at the moment. It is a simple way to become a reliable partner of Amazon. Do not miss the opportunity to grow your business with ease! Let our experienced team of professionals deal with FBA. Get the benefits of working with Amazon without any efforts!

As a third-party logistics provider with unmatched experience, we possess all the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to get the job done. Our goal is to ensure that every package is delivered to your customer exactly to the terms of delivery. As a result, your client is satisfied and your business prosper. With this option, you do not need to waste your valuable time and resources on tedious inspecting work, labeling and wrapping just to comply with standards. You can focus on the main area of your business when you get Amazon prep service from us.

The benefits we provide

All-inclusive FBA preparation

We inspect, bubble wrap, bag, pack your products in boxes, label, and then forward them to Amazon.

Short turnaround time

From the moment we receive your order, it takes four working days to inspect, prepare and ship your products to Amazon FBA centre.

Cost-effective services

Enjoy a world-class customer support experience and a full range of FBA preparation and inspection services at competitive prices.

FBA Inspection Pricing

service details
Price (£)

Pre Prep Shipment Forward (repack) per box shipped FBA Inspection

Per box 150 /35 kg up to 50 items then 5p per item up to 150 items


Low volume (less than 10 Items)


Pre Prep Shipment Forward (repack) per box shipped FBA Inspection

This a Shipment Forward service. Therefore, an order should arrive prepared to be sent out immediately as is.



Per consolidated box, wrapping and taping


Labelling per unit

Per label unit



Bagging standard no suffocation label

Per item small to A4 (225 mm x 318 mm)


Bagging Medium no suffocation label

Per item to (305 mm x 406 mm)


Bagging Large no suffocation label

Per item to A3 (400mm x 500mm)


Bagging Oversize no suffocation label

Per item A1 (700mm x 850mm)


Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap Standard

Per item 1-2 m


Bubble Wrap Medium

Per item 2-3 m


Bubble Wrap Oversize

Per item 3-6m


Corrugated Wrap

Corrugated Wrap Standard

Per item 1-2 m


Corrugated Wrap Medium

Per item 2-3 m


Corrugated Wrap Oversize

Per item 3-6m




Provision of box Per item 300mm x 300mm x 300mm



Provision of box Per item 400mm x 400mm x 400mm


Box (Lrg)

Provision of box Per item 500mm x 500mm x 500mm


Repack Charge

Per item replacing damaged packaging or putting in one item to new box.


Assembly Charge

Per item, Packed, assembled, Tagged etc, Tissue wrapped


Sticker Removal

Per item


Marketing Material

Per bundle per item


Sortation of unboxed goods

Per item (minimum Charge £4.00)


Simple Testing (specific inspections, open, operate, close etc)

Per item (more complex tests may be charged at a higher rate)


Photograph Charge

Per item- photo(s) taken and sent to customers at the request of the customer or for Ebay listing


Shipping Plan Changes

Per plan. This a charge for changing shipping plans after initial submission to us such as destination changes, amendments of product lines. (qty changes are excluded from this charge)


Pallet Handling

Charge for assembly and shipping of palletised goods


Pallet Charge

Purchase of pallet for shipping


Booking Amazon UPS Collection Per Consignment

Booking Amazon UPS Collection Per Consignment


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