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Importing goods can be a complicated business even to people who do this every day. For this reason, Konnexus has teamed up with our carefully chosen specialists to provide an end to end import and customs clearance services for our clients.

For larger palletised or containerised imports we work alongside our team of custom clearance agents who can assist with coordinating imports into the UK, сustoms clearance at all the major ports and airports and haulage into the Konnexus warehouse.

Working with us will ensure a smooth transition and import of your goods for delivery to Konnexus avoiding unnecessary and costly delays at ports or airports at competitive rates. Our import customs brokers have full AEO status and can oversee pallets or full loads from the major overseas markets into the UK.

custom clearance agent

As custom clearance service providers we can offer:

Collection from the factories in China, US, Canada, etc. Competitive freight by air, sea, and road.

Freight management from door to door.

AEO approved customs clearance assistance at all major ports and airports, UK post landing services, and haulage into the Konnexus warehouse.

Your trusted customs broker in the UK

For larger consignments, Konnexus can act as your import broker via our chosen import customs clearance agents, and following advanced funds, pay your duty and tax for you. You can also use us as your return address (which Amazon will require).

We carry out custom clearance of import
cargo under the following terms:

customs broker uk customs clearance services import customs clearance custom clearance of import cargo

DAP (Delivered at Place) transactions require the seller (You) to arrange and pay for the transportation of the goods to a place designated by the buyer/import agent (Konnexus Ltd).

Konnexus calculates the import duties and taxes due on arrival of the goods.

Konnexus invoices you (the seller) for payment on return.

Konnexus as the importer of record is responsible for customs clearance formalities and for paying import duty and taxes to customs/HMRC in the UK. To do this we will act as the import agent to arrange import customs clearance, and bill you for duties and taxes to be paid to customs on your behalf.

Please, note that smaller consignment goods can be imported by using one of the carrier services (DHL, FedEx UPS etc) using the DPP (Duty Pre Paid) service option.

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