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Partner with logistics professionals to sell online hassle-free

Extensive Logistics

Since 2013, our team of logistics experts have been providing eCommerce services to small and medium businesses. Our 20,000 sq ft warehouse has docking bays, dock levellers and fork lift access to load/unload containers, trucks, and parcel carriers under cover.

Low investments

We use an individual approach to every customer. Therefore, you pay only for the fulfilment solutions you need. There are no minimum orders. Come and go as you please, and pay for what you use at affordable prices.

Simple Delivery

As a company focused on fulfilment services in the UK, Europe and globally. We aim to remove the complexity from our customers’ business operations. Allow us to show you how simple logistics can be.

International Vendors

Konnexus works with international vendors who run their business in the UK. Our fulfilment services help global companies to manage their business more effectively 24/7.


Prep service created specifically for Amazon FBA clients

Amazon is the most popular eCommerce website used by merchants from all over the world to sell their products. However, in order to sell under Amazon’s name, every product should meet FBA requirements. If you need a reliable fulfilment company providing FBA prep services, look no further. Konnexus Amazon fulfilment services are designed to help vendors sell on Amazon easier. All you need to do is mail your products to our fulfilment warehouse with your FBA shipment information attached. Then, we will inspect, properly package, and label each item. After that, your products will be boxed and shipped to Amazon.

Konnexus gives Amazon FBA sellers the power to develop their business while saving time and money. This becomes possible owing to turnaround time of 4 working days and competitive pricing. Our eCommerce fulfilment services will enhance productivity and reduce unnecessary business expenses. Thus, you will be able to focus your attention on marketing, purchasing, and expansion.

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eCommerce order fulfillment done right

Our fulfilment centre in the UK strives to deliver premium services to our eCommerce clients. The fulfillment includes the following steps: receiving, order, processing and delivering. If you outsource eCommerce order fulfilment from us, all you need to do is send your products to us, and we will take care of all the rest of the logistics processes.

We will count each item listed in the order, inspect the inventory, enter the order information to our management software, label all items, and do any necessary kitting. Then, the products will be shelved in our warehouse. Once your order is on the Konnexus system, we will start processing it. If you integrate your shopping cart with our software, this process will start right away.


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Our packing station will conduct quality control checks, choose the best packing materials, add inserts and packing slips, box, and send the order to the shipping station. The responsibility of the shipping station is to package, weight and determine the right shipping method for the order. Also, it is responsible for updating the status of orders in the system. This allows customers to track the status of the things they order. If your customers request a return service, we can handle it too. Konnexus eCommerce fulfilment pricing is based strictly on your needs: you will always pay only for the fulfillment services you require.


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Process your online orders quickly and easily

With our unique Integration services, handling multiple online orders has never been easier. We can connect our stock system to your eCommerce website to automatically receive your orders. Integration provides the tools to download your customers’ orders once they have passed a payment gateway. When products get shipped to your customers, we upload shipping information to your website and mark those orders as “fulfilled”. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about order processing and managing shipping updates.

Our system supports all popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Amazon Merchant Services, eBay, WooCommerce, Opencart, Magento, etc. Konnexus can provide integration to one or multiple web stores.

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Warehouse Management System

Manage your inventory anywhere, anytime

Along with our 3PL eCommerce fulfilment services, we offer Konnex, our Warehouse and Inventory Management software. Now, you can manage orders, check stock, track shipping and keep your business in control at all times. Konnex has a responsive design, so you can access your admin panel from any device at any time you want.

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Meet Konnexus Team

We are a group of professionals who are passionate about helping our customers to run their online business. We believe that eCommerce business should not be a burden that’s why we have developed various fulfilment and management solutions to enable merchants to focus more on the development of their business and less on handing routine tasks.

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